NATO Continues…

I had close to 1,000 photos that I took from over the NATO weekend.  Obviously not going to post all of my good shots from the weekend, but thought I would add some more of my favorites that showed the excitement and sometimes chaos that was surging through downtown that weekend.  So if you weren’t in town to experience it yourself, hopefully some of these images can give you a taste of what it was like to be part of the historical event of the NATO Summit coming to Chicago.

Pre-protest rally at Grant Park.

After the rally was done at the Petrillo Band Shell all of the protestors gathered on Jackson in preparation of the march.

As we walked south down Lakeshore after the rally, caught this unusual view of the Field Museum being protected by the line of snow plows used as mobile barricades.

The marchers file by the vigilant police officers in their “turtle suits”.

This is the group of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans marching in protest of the wars. They later went on to symbolically return their war medals to the NATO delegates by throwing them in the direction of McCormick Place at the end of the protest march.

I happened to catch Andy Thayer walking through the crowd. He’s a well-known, anti-war activist and Chicagoan who organized the protest on Sunday.

Column of Chicago police officers escorting the protestors along the march route.

It may be difficult to see from this photo but in the center of the crowd is the infamous Black Bloc. They are known for traveling the country to find and participated in protests and cause unnecessary trouble.

Black Bloc member carrying an Anarchist flag.

Just an interesting character that I caught in the crowd.

Shot looking north on Columbus. Does a pretty good job of showing how desolate it was downtown and uncomfortably hot as can be seen from the mirage in the middle of the road.

Michigan Ave bridge house decorated with a NATO banner.

Chicago River was heavily patrolled by Coast Guards and Chicago Police Marine units.

This is a shot from behind a wall of police on State street as protestors confront them on Saturday night.

Photo was taken on Michigan and Congress Saturday night as protestors were corralled by Chicago Police in the plaza. Between the homemade signs, the protestors showing solidarity and the Chicago Policemen in the foreground I feel like this one photo sums up the whole weekend.

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