Day 282: Chrome 343 9/11

Adam Culbertson, a Tinley Park firefighter since 2004, has placed the names of all 343 firefighters who died responding to the attacks on a custom-made chrome firefighter helmet to serve as a symbol of their sacrifice.


“This is my way of making a memorial for those guys that lost their lives that day. And hopefully this is my way of keeping them remembered,” he said.

He plans to ship his creation to the New York City Fire Department to commemorate the 10-year-anniversary of the historic day.

The helmet is made of chrome to reflect the face of the onlooker and is inscribed with the  words “reflect, remember, respect.”

“That’s where they can reflect on where they were that day, remember what happened and respect the people who lost their lives,” he said.

Two helmets with the same design were made so one could stay in his hometown of Tinley Park for a local 9/11 memorial ceremony. The other goes to FDNY Special Operations Command headquarters.

You can email Adam at to find out how you can host the helmet.
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