Day 281: Res4cue

The Remembrance Rescue Project is a not-for-profit created by firefighters to preserve awareness to the importance of 9/11 through the stories from Rescue 4. Rescue Company 4 was created on June 1, 1931 and has been stationed in Queens, NY. September 11, 2001 FDNY Res4Cue responded to the WTC with 8 firefighters that morning. All 8 firefighters from Res4cue were lost that day. In the aftermath of 9/11, Rescues 1 and 2 lost their rigs at the WTC, and those of Rescues 3 and 5 required major repairs before being placed back into service. Immediately after 9/11, Rescue 4 was the only rescue company covering the City of New York.
Rescue 4 is currently the only fire apparatus from 9/11 operating outside NYC. The Remembrance Rescue Project allows for Rescue 4 to serve as a mobile memorial to Educate, Honor and Remember the events of 9/11 in towns 
throughout the country. 

The Remembrance Rescue Project provides direct support to children of fallen firefighters, while working to restore Rescue 4 from 9/11 as an educational tool, historical artifact and memorial. The Rescue also serves as a memorial to all firefighters lost in the line of duty throughout the country each year.   

Click the logo below for more information on the project or to donate to the cause.
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