Day 74: Green Lights

This is a photo of a Chicago firetruck (specifically the Uptown Truck 22) which shows the green lights on the front of the firetruck.  Many people wonder why Chicago has the green lights on their trucks and how that started… well, here’s your answer:

Origin of Red and Green Lights on the Fire House
Commissioner Albert Goodrich (1927 – 1931) of the Chicago Fire Department had a nautical background. He applied the marine scheme (red light = port, green light = starboard) to fire apparatus, and the idea became a tradition of the Chicago Fire Department. It is also used to mark the bay doors at most Chicago fire stations.

Other cities also use green lights on their trucks- specifically the SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department).  They use the green light to signify a Truck Company. SFFD used to use the letter “T” on the front cab of trucks in the 1980s. The green lights have since then replaced the “T”.

If you know of any other information on the green lights used on fire trucks, please share!

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