Day 2: Union Stockyard Entry Gate

This is one of the last remaining landmarks from a big part of Chicago’s history. The entrance gate to the Union Stockyard stands as a reminder to the dominant place that Chicago held in the meat packing industry. Erected in 2004 directly behind the gate is a memorial statue dedicated to all the fallen Chicago firefighters. The statue is located in the near the location of the  Chicago Union Stock Yards Fire that took place from December 22-23, 1910. Around the base of the statue are engraved the names of all Chicago firefighters ever killed in the line of duty.

The gate is part of the National Register of Historic Places (1972), a National Historic Landmark (1981) and a Chicago Landmark (1972).  Made of all limestone, the gate features the bust of “Sherman” the favorite prize-winning bull of John B. Sherman (superintendent of the stockyards at the time) above the arch.

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