Day 1: Honoring a Fallen Hero

Photography is a hobby of mine.  I initially started taking photos to capture all of the amazing things I have seen living in Chicago.  There is so much cool shit in this city and I just enjoy capturing it and being able to look back later to relive the moments. I’m not doing this because I want to be a photographer; I’m doing this because every day I am reminded of how amazing this city is and how visually stunning it can be. I just love everything that this city has to offer and figured I might as well share the way that I see this city with others or at least have fun documenting it.

I thought about doing something similar to project365 but didn’t know if I would have the time to take a new photo everyday. So instead I decided to start a blog to share an image a day of the photos that I have taken since I started this hobby.

Throughout this blog, I can promise you only this… I will post pictures that only I have taken and I will continue to take photos and post them as the year goes by.  NOTE: Photos that are posted are not necessarily taken that day.

To kick this blog off, here are a few photos that show what makes Chicago great.  A reminder of the heroes that keep this city safe and put their lives on the line every day to answer the call when you are in need and make sure that you are safe. These photos symbolize the gratitude the city has towards men like Corey Ankum, Edward Stringer, Chris Wheatley and the countless men who came before them and sacrificed everything to help keep Chicago safe.

The firefighter’s Prayer

When I’m called to duty God
wherever flames may rage
give me strength to save a life
whatever be its age

Help me to embrace a little child
before it is too late
or save an older person from
the horror of that fate

Enable me to be alert
to hear the weakest shout
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out

I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me
to guard my neighbor and
protect his property

And if according to your will
I have to lose my life
bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife

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1 Response to Day 1: Honoring a Fallen Hero

  1. Someone who loves Chicago says:

    Just found your blog – LOVE the photography, LOVE chicago, had to go back to day one – going to LOVE every image and description I am sure!!! Thanks!!

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