Day 116: Rain on the Railing

With the fact that Chicago has seen more rain this April than any other year since 1961, I thought it would be appropriate to post a photo that was taken of the rain beading on the railing.  April 2011 has produced 16 days of measurable rain—55% more than normal and the greatest number of measurably rainy April days here in the 50 years since 1961! A scan of Aprils back to 1871 indicates the opening 28 days of the month typically sees 11 measurable rains. “Measurable rain” is defined as any rainfall which reaches or exceeds 0.01-inch–Chicago has seen 16!

The month’s 4.56 inches of rain through Tuesday ranks as the 17th rainiest April in 140 years of records. While 124 have been drier, only 16 have been wetter.

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