Day 87: St Paul Catholic Church


These photos were taken of the St Paul Catholic Church in Chicago.  It was built by architect Henry Schlacks and was one of the first churches he built.  Founded by the German community that was established in 1876, it took over 30 years in the making for this church.  The first corner stone was laid in 1897 and it took another 3 years for the exterior to be completed- this being due to the fact that it was the first church of it’s kind in the country. Since no contractor had built a church without a nail, Schlacks himself served as contractor and headed to Germany to study this building method. The church features two fourteenth-centry style towers that soar 245 feet into the sky–all at the request of the pastor. These exceptionally tall church spires portray a faith community bent on producing responsible leaders ready to serve. This church has also been featured on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as “The church built without a nail.” 

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