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Day 157: Hungry Hungry Hippo

hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous… (nice quote from Big Daddy) Perfect timing at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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Day 151: Sea Gulls

Sea Gulls gather around on the rocks near the lake as the fog creeps in throughout the park.

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Day 143: Downy Woodpecker

Downy woodpeckers have black wings with white spotting and a white stripe down their back with a white underside. Males are larger than females and have a red patch on their nape which is missing in females. Both sexes have … Continue reading

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Day 119: Birds

As the weather is finally starting to warm up in Chicago (and stay a bit dry), I headed out on a photo walk around the city I love.  Here is a shot I got from Navy Pier of some birds … Continue reading

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Day 36: Good Catch

Taken at the Montrose Beach. Two Seagulls fly off to eat after they catch a fish.

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Day 28: Frozen in Time

Heading to the fireworks during the Taste of Chicago, the dog stood at attention watching every move of the oncoming mounted police and their horses.  I think the picture shows a great impression of the rush of the city as … Continue reading

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Day 9: Case of the Mondays

Ramar the silverback gorilla at Brookfield Zoo sits and pouts alone in the West Africa exhibit.  With his legs up and arms crossed he so closely resembles a human.

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Day 4: Reflections

One of my favorite touristy destinations of the city is the Shedd Aquarium.  I tend to be easily amused by little creatures swimming around and doing their thing.  One of my favorite and most amusing creatures to watch is THIS … Continue reading

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